Fully controlled manufacturing, system design and testing.

Manufacturing with quality assurance.

With our modern manufacturing hub in Havant, you can rest assured about the quality of Colt products. We apply the principles of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement and we have all the relevant ISO certifications: ISO 9001 Quality Management System for product design and manufacture; ISO14001 Environmental Management System to manage our environmental responsibilities; ISO 45001 Occupational Management System to support us to provide a safe and healthy work environment, by preventing injury and ill health and drive continual improvement. But the real assurance comes from the fact that we are not an assembly plant; we manufacture from raw materials right through to finished goods. This means that we control the whole process from start to finish, so we can ensure the quality, performance and reliability of all the products we manufacture.

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Real-life testing to ensure you get the best solution.

We combine extensive testing with our manufacturing processes to ensure that the systems we provide are the most effective solution for your building. Our R&D Centre uses the latest technologies to carry out evaluations and simulations, with comprehensive testing to verify the performance of our products and systems. We use independent accredited test houses to carry out fire testing, environmental testing (for wind, rain, snow) and safety testing (for load and impact).

Additionally, our in-house CFD team can model the performance of the building with our products in, which enables us to make further improvements to our solutions where required.

CE marking of products

Our smoke control products have been externally tested to rigorous international standards, and in Europe have been CE marked accordingly. This gives our customers peace of mind.

  • Labelling of our products makes the characteristics of the product easier to understand
  • The customer knows that our products meet all relevant aspects of safety and are manufactured consistently to the highest standards

Our high standards of design and manufacture mean that the customer can choose from a wide range of variants to suit their specific application, and that our products meet the most stringent demands.