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Colt Extruded Weather Louvre
All the hallmarks of a Colt classic






EWL is a single bank extruded weather louvre, providing high performance rain defence, suitable for applications requiring screening and ventilation.

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Colt is a name architects and designers trust. Our reputation is built on innovation and expertise built on proven experience.

And with a ‘solution focussed’ approach, our ground breaking EWL louvre provides a high performing defence against rain, without a compromise on looks.

Our new EWL Extruded Weather Louvre truly does rain supreme.

From a light drizzle to a sudden downpour, the EWL’s class A rain defence leads the way in the market.

Suitable for applications requiring screening and ventilation, its design out performs expectations for this type of product, and offers greater freedom, improved efficiency and more ways to creatively express yourself.


The EWL’s versatility makes our product very appealing for all types of applications for industrial and commercial buildings, such as:

  • Control of light entry
  • Ensure ventilation whilst maintaining a proven rain defence
  • Provide effective screening
  • A combination of the above


We understand how important it is for a building’s façade to look good. And stay looking good.

Our distinctive sharp louvre profile is unmistakeable and extremely tactile.

  • It looks, and feels good
  • Suitable for any project where a high performance rain defence is vital
  • Can be upgraded or modified to suit final design requirements

Our EWL louvre systems are highly adaptable.

They’re available in various configurations to meet the requirements of almost any project.


We’ve manufactured and installed louvres for many of the UK’s most prestigious buildings. And what a statement the EWL will make to all kinds of projects. It’s time to express yourself, and we’re here to help your vision come to life, with a range of free services to support the design stage of your project, including:

  • Building ventilation surveys
  • Design of systems
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Our renowned technical excellence

Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of technologies and techniques across a wide spectrum. We have the experience to advise architects and consultants on the best combination of products and systems to achieve the desired effect and performance.


We have designed and installed ‘off the peg’ and bespoke louvre solutions in cities across the globe. And our team of designers, project managers, site managers and engineers are here to support you from design stage through to installation and commissioning.


EWL has been tested to EN 13030:2001 and achieves Class A rain defence up to 3 m/s.

  • The EWL is highly aerodynamically efficient
  • The reduced air resistance lowers running costs
  • Tested to EN 13030:2001
  • Easy to install by our team
  • Available in continuous runs for larger applications

Our experts make it easy to install. The EWL can either be delivered to site pre-assembled or as a kit of parts.


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