Allington Energy From Waste Facility, Kent

Colt undertook the supply and installation of a smoke control solution to the Allington Energy to Waste plant located near Maidstone.

Colt installed Seefire, Labyrinth and Meteor natural ventilators as extraction points in the roof and walls of the building for the clearing smoke in the event of a fire at the plant. The natural ventilators provide both day to day and smoke ventilation as well as the entry of natural daylight thus enhancing the working conditions within the facility.

All of the ventilators are controlled using a Colt designed control panel and a pneumatic control system which automatically opens all of the ventilators in the event of a fire being detected.

  • Project:
    • Allington Energy From Waste Facility
  • Location:
    • Kent
  • Requirements:
    • Day to day and smoke ventilation
  • Colt products: