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B&Q, Doncaster

Colt has provided in-rack & overhead sprinkler systems throughout the building for fire protection.

This 775,000 sq ft (72,000 m²) B&Q Distribution Centre comprises 6 portal bays with plan dimensions of 400m long x 180m wide and a ridge height of approximately 14.5m.

Both in-rack and overhead sprinkler systems have been fitted throughout the building for fire protection.

Colt was engaged by Clugston Construction to design, supply, and install an automatic smoke ventilation system, the purpose of which is to provide a smoke free clear layer under which employees and staff can escape in smoke free conditions, the Fire Brigade are assisted in their fire fighting duties and smoke damage to the stock and the building are minimised.

Colt supplied and installed 96 Colt OPV Seefire ventilators in 24 smoke zones.

The system is controlled via a single Colt OPV panel which provides diagnostics and fault reporting routines. The panel is connected to Weatherbeater rain sensing heads which close the ventilators when it rains, thereby allowing them to be used for comfort cooling.

Project details
  • Location: 
  • Doncaster, UK
  • Main Contractor: Clugston Construction
  • End User: B&Q
Products used

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