BMW, Hams Hall

Colt provided a solution for natural ventilation and smoke control to the BMW Hams Hall plant.

Colt supplied OPV Seefire ventilators for smoke control and natural ventilation to the main production areas and warehouse area, in addition to OPV Firelight ventilators and a rooflight over the entrance atrium. Colt Universal Louvre was installed in the plantroom areas, and pre-coated steel louves into cladding panels. Smoke extract fans and ductwork was installed to the basement service trench and technical basement.

  • Project:
    • BMW, Hams Hall
  • Location:
    • Hams Hall, Birmingham
  • Requirements:
    • Natural ventilation and smoke control
  • Client:
    • BMW
  • Architect:
    • Barton Hasker Architects
  • Consultants:
    • Roltons Mechanical Services
  • Contractor:
    • SDC
  • Colt products: