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Google HQ expansion.

Originally built as a flour mill and dating back to the 1800’s, the Boland’s Mill listed building and site was bought in 2018 by Google to be redeveloped into residential and commercial space as part of a plan to expand their European, Middle Eastern and Africa headquarters.

Colt’s close relationship with fire engineering consultancy, Maurice Johnson & Partners means that we were involved from the early stages and provided valuable, expert guidance and recommendations from the start. This eventually led to Colt being chosen to design, build, install and commission the smoke control for the entire project.

Two of the towers on this project have basements that require ventilation. One of the challenges on this project has been finding a route for the extract smoke due to the layout of the building and the compact nature of the site.

Also in the basements, replacement air without breaking the fire compartmentation has led to dampers being installed on spine walls.

Spanning across four separate buildings (3x new towers and the existing structure), this is a large and complex ongoing project. Colt’s excellent reputation with both fire consultants and the Irish fire service has given the client peace of mind that the smoke control systems will be installed professionally and work as intended.

Project details
  • Project name: Boland’s Quay
  • Project Location: Dublin
  • Building Type: Residential/Commercial Mix
  • Client Name: H A O’Neill
  • M&E Consultant: ARUP
  • Architect: Burke-Kennedy Doyle
  • Main Contractor: BAM
  • M&E Contractor: H A O’Neill

If you would like to talk to a Colt expert about a similar project or want to find out more about any of the products or systems used in this project, contact us.

Colt products installed:

Tower 1
1A: 1 fanset, 2 Seefires, 16 Defender F, 1 Defender D, 16 DPIO, 1 CSIO, 1 OPV Heart, 1 OPV Display, 1 OPV display extension, 16 FOS 1 MCP
1B: 1 fanset, 2 Seefires, 3 Defender Ds, 1 MCC, 1 OPV Heart, 1 OPV Display, 1 CSIO, 2 FOS, 1 MCP

Tower 2
2A: 1 fanset, 2 Seefires, 15 Defender D, 15 DPIO, 1 CSIO, 1 OPV Heart, 1 OPV Display, 1 OPV Display Extension
2C: 1 Fanset, 1 AXS140, 2 Defender D, 2 DPIO, 1 CSIO, 1 OPV Heart, 1 OPV Dsiplay, 2 FOS, 1 MCP, 1 Battery Back Up

Tower 3
1 Fanset, 1 Firelight, 1 Seefire, 17 Defender F, 17 DPIO, 1 OPV Heart, 1 OPV Display, 1 OPV Display Extension, 17 FOS, 1 MCP

Building C (Original, listed building)
1 Fanset, 2 Seefire, 7 Defender F, 7 DPIO, 1 OPV Heart, 1 OPV Display, 7 FOS, 1 MCP


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