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Colt secures phase two contract in £1Bn residential development project

Canada Gardens is phase 2 of 3 in a £1Bn, 10-year development plan to create 7,000 new homes and 8,400 new jobs on 7 acres in the Wembley district of London. Colt was originally selected by HeSimm to carry out the work required for the first stage of the development (Emerald Gardens). The good relationship we built up with them and high standard of work we delivered during this period made us the easy choice for phase 2 on the project as well.

Due to the sheer size and requirements of this project, there is a very comprehensive array of Colt products installed at Canada Gardens. On site, there are 140 AXS vents, Cyclones, Coltlites, Defender flaps and a CoolStream system installed.

If you would like to talk to a Colt expert about a similar project or want to find out more about any of the products or systems used in this project, contact us.

Project details
  • Project name: Canada Gardens
  • Project Location: London
  • Building Type: Residential
  • Client Name: HeSimm
  • M&E Consultant: JGA Fire
  • Architect: Auken Swanke by Quintain
  • Main Contractor: SISK
  • M&E Contractor: HeSimm

Colt products installed:

Blocks A,B,C,D,E,F,G and coach park.

  • AXS 140 x 7
  • DPIO x 101
  • CSIO x 35
  • FOS x 86
  • Pressure Cap x 182
  • Defender Flap x 102
  • Environmental Damper x 184
  • Heart Module x 7
  • VFC x 5
  • MCP x 5
  • OPV display x 7
  • Fan skids and mcc panels x 8
  • Coolstream units x 8
  • Heat detector x 100
  • Attenuation pieces x 16

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