Chichester Festival Theatre

The Chichester Festival Theatre was built on a budget in 1962 to operate for an 11 week summer Festival with 75,000 visitors a year. The Theatre is now open all year round and attracts over 300,000 visitors a year. Recently the Theatre has undergone major renovation works.

Colt was able to meet the stringent noise specification by supplying and installing bespoke Meteor acoustic smoke control ventilators to the auditorium, as well as Seefire ventilators to the administration area. All ventilators are designed to release smoke in the case of fire and some provide natural day to day ventilation as well.

The Meteor ventilators have an attenuation rating of a massive R’w: 44 dB, ensuring that noise ingress to the auditorium is minimised.

All the ventilators are controlled by a Colt OPV system which interfaces with the Theatre’s BMS.

Colt is proud to be a sponsor of the Chichester Festival Theatre.

  • Project:
    • Chichester Festival Theatre
  • Location:
    • Chichester
  • Requirements:
    • Supply and install of bespoke Meteor acoustic smoke control ventilators
  • Client/Funder/Developer:
    • Chichester Festival Theatre
  • Main Contractor:
    • Osborne
  • Consulting Engineer:
    • Skelly and Couch LLP
  • Specialist Contractor:
    • Working Environments
  • Architect:
    • Haworth Tompkins
  • Colt products: