Helius CoRDe Biomass Plant, Rothes

The plant combusts a combination of the whisky distillery by-product (draff) from the local area and wood chips in the boiler, generating 7.2 MWe – enough to supply 9,000 homes with electricity.

Helius CoRDe is a joint venture between Helius Energy and the Combination of Rothes Distillers, comprising the major distillers of Speyside in Scotland.

Colt designed a solution for the dissipation of heat and smoke clearance. At the original design stage a scheme of full attenuation and rain defence louvres were proposed but this meant that the equipment co-efficient was low therefore we required more equipment to meet the free area which put up cost and space requirements. We looked at different weathering and attenuation combinations and arrived at a suitable system within budget and meeting space requirements.

Colt provided Labyrinth and Seefire extract ventilators, FCO and Universal Louvre inlet louvres with a series of Liberator mechanical ventilators for smoke extract, all controlled by an OPV system.

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  • Project:
    • Helius CoRDe Biomass Plant
  • Location:
    • Rothes
  • Requirements:
    • Dissipation of heat and smoke clearance
  • Client:
    • Helius CoRDe
  • Main Contractor:
    • AET
  • Colt products: