Ineos Waste to Energy Plant, Runcorn

Ineos ChlorVinyls is a leading manufacturer of chlorine and PVC, with operations in the UK, Germany, Norway and Sweden serving key industries around the world.

The brand new £400 million Energy from Waste plant built at its Runcorn site will produce around 20% of the company’s total energy needs from renewable sources when it is fully operational.

The Ineos Runcorn power station had a rather unusual request. When they asked Colt to install Labyrinth natural ventilators on their roof, they wanted to be able to remove entire sections of the roof to carry out regular maintenance of the plant. Colt specially designed the roof sections into which the Labyrinth ventilators were to be installed and our Havant factory manufactured and stored these sections prior to them being transported as complete sections to site. Pre-fabricating the units in this way also reduced installation time and cost.

The Labyrinth modules are removable as a unit to allow for future plant removal.

Colt also provided weather louvre and acoustic louvre.

Colt Labyrinth at Ineos energy from waste facility
Colt Labyrinth at Ineos energy from waste facility
  • Project:
    • Ineos Waste to Energy Plant
  • Location:
    • Runcorn
  • Requirements:
    • Removable natural ventilation
  • Client:
    • Keppel Seghers
  • Main Contractor:
    • John Sisk & Son
  • Consulting Engineer:
    • Keppel Seghers
  • Colt products: