JD Williams distribution centre

JD Williams stores and ships several popular fashion brands throughout Europe and the USA.

Colt was involved with the expansion of the distribution centre in Manchester from the very early stages. Colt stayed with the project throughout providing technical assistance and working closely with the consultant to develop a changing, flexible design for the natural ventilation scheme that evolved as the project progressed.

The design proved challenging because of the structure of the building, a multilevel warehouse full of racked storage on multiple levels. The Colt team provided a single natural ventilation solution to serve the building with low level inlet and high level exhaust, rather than separate systems serving individual levels.

  • Project:
    • JD Williams distribution centre
  • Location:
    • Manchester
  • Requirements:
    • Flexible design for the natural ventilation scheme
  • Main Contractor:
    • Eric Wright Construction
  • Consulting Engineer:
    • Clancy Consulting
  • Architect:
    • Fletcher Rae
  • Colt products: