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Kingsgate Apartments, Chelsea

Colt installed vertical glass louvres with integrated photovoltaic cells for shading, electricity generation and privacy. Two Colt Shaft systems and corridor ventilators for smoke control were also installed.

Social housing in Kings Rd Integrated photovoltaic cells Shading, electricity generation and privacy Colt Shaft systems and corridor ventilators for smoke control

Colt Shadovoltaic can be either fixed or controllable and may be installed either vertically or horizontally in front of the façade. A Shadovoltaic photovoltaic systems can reduce solar heat gain, lower air conditioning running costs, and lessen glare whilst generating electricity.

Photovoltaic cells are integrated into the glass of the shading louvres, either by attaching them to the reverse side of the glass panels or by laminating them between two sheets of glass.

Project details
  • Location: Kings Rd, Chelsea 
  • Architect: Horden Cherry Lee
Products used

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