Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

The Mathematical Institute was in three separate locations and has now been moved into a single dedicated facility designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects, providing research and teaching space for a diverse community of more than 1500 academics, students and support staff.

Colt installed 385 electrically operated Ellisse panels to provide solar shading to all façades of the new Mathematical Institute building to allow individual units to be operated independently for each room. All frames and guides were standards and the blades were bespoke extrusions specially designed for this building. The actuators were also bespoke so they could be installed into recessed concrete, and the Architect required a special paint finish.

The smoke and day to day ventilation scheme was designed and developed with Hoare Lea & Partners, and consists of three Colt Shaft systems with Seefire ventilators fitted in the stairwells, whilst the atrium is fitted with SmokeMaster smoke and fire curtains linking into the smoke control system and window actuators. The flexibility of the Colt OPV system allows the whole scheme to be controlled in a single location via the OPV network.

Colt also supplied a smoke and heat system for the underground car park using Cyclone low profile, high velocity induction fans to control air movement, to direct exhaust fumes towards the Colt extract fans, and to help with the extraction of smoke in the event of fire. Colt CO detectors are also fitted.

  • Project:
    • Mathematical Institute
  • Location:
    • University of Oxford
  • Requirements:
    • Solar shading to all façades of the new Mathematical Institute building
  • Architect:
    • Rafael Viñoly Architects
  • Consultant:
    • Hoare Lea & Partners
  • Colt products: