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Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield

Extract fans and Seefire ventilators Extract fans Universal louvre panels covering the mechanical extract ducts Ventilators installed

Colt's involvement in the refurbishment of Meadowhall Shopping Centre

In the early 1990’s Colt was involved in the design of the smoke control system for Meadowhall Shopping Centre. Colt supplied Kameleon natural smoke ventilators and automatic smoke curtains.

As part of an ongoing upgrade of the Centre, the smoke control system has been re-designed to provide mechanical rather than natural extraction. This reduces the amount of equipment needed to provide the required performance compared to a natural ventilation system such as was originally provided by the Kameleon natural vents.

Colt won an order directly from the Shopping Centre as a standalone contractor to provide the extract fans, inlet Seefire ventilators and internal Universal Louvre to screen the extract apertures. All equipment is centrally controlled by a new Colt One Per Vent system, which includes a day to day comfort ventilation facility with weather sensors to automatically shut in wet conditions linked to the building's BMS system.

Project details
  • Location: Sheffield, UK
  • Client/Funder/Developer: Meadowhall
  • Main Contractor: Colt
  • Consulting Engineer: Cudd Bentley Consulting
  • Fire Engineer: JGA Fire
Products used

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