Nevill Holt Opera Theatre

Designed by Stirling Prize Winning Architects Witherford Watson Mann, the Nevill Holt Opera Theatre in Market Harborough re-opened its doors in June 2018.

New meets old in Stirling Award Shortlisted project.

Main Contractor ‘Messenger Construction Ltd’ had tasked Colt with designing, installing and commissioning a smoke control system for the newly refurbished building. This proved challenging because of the sheer size of the vent required to provide the adequate extract levels required. Our team of experts solved the problem quickly and effectively by manufacturing the vent with lifting eyes already fitted and installed it directly via a coordinated crane lift.

Due to the design of the theatre and the client requirements, the Colt Firelight Duo roof vent was chosen to be installed, which provides high performance extract ventilation. Classed as a dual-purpose ventilator, the Firelight Duo not only provides the theatre with safe smoke extraction, but also with day to day ventilation, helping to keep temperatures under control when hot lights and big audiences are in the same room.

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  • Project:
    • Nevill Holt Opera Theatre
  • Location:
    • Market Harborough
  • Client:
    • Messenger Construction Ltd.
  • Architect:
    • Witherford Watson Mann
  • Main Contractor:
  • Colt products: