Pan Peninsula, London

The tallest residential project in Europe, Pan Peninsula, next to London's Canary Wharf.

Colt were appointed to provide smoke extraction technologies for the tallest residential project in Europe, Pan Peninsula, next to London's Canary Wharf. Colt supplied ventilation and smoke extraction for the basement car park and a smoke shaft system for the main body of the building.

Designed by Skidmore Owings & Merrill and developed by Ballymore, the Pan Peninsula project boasts the most luxurious penthouses ever launched on the London market, each costing in the region of £10 million.

The Colt smoke shaft system was fitted in the two impressive towers, home to 762 apartments, reaching 40 and 50 storeys into London's skyline. The system ventilates the common corridors at each level, providing powered inlet and exhaust, with reversible fans to cater for all fire conditions. The system is also used at reduced flow rates to flush through the corridors on warm days. A Colt EN OPV smoke control system, the most advanced on the market, controls this technology. In the building's car park, Colt provided a ventilation system to dilute and extract exhaust fumes in normal use and to remove smoke in the event of a fire.

Andrew Briggs, who managed the Pan Peninsula project for Ballymore and has worked with Colt in the past, stated: "Colt provides excellent products and a first class service. Colt's testing facilities and documentation ensure the quality of its technology. Once installed, Colt provides engineering backup for every aspect of its smoke control systems."

Colt's involvement in this groundbreaking project firmly cements its position as a leader in high-end, technologically advanced, smoke control solutions.

  • Project:
    • Pan Peninsula
  • Location:
    • London
  • Requirements:
    • Smoke extraction
  • Main Contractor:
    • Ballymore
  • Architect:
    • Skidmore Owings & Merrill
  • Colt products: