Rugby Cement, Rugby

As the UK cement division of RMC Group Plc, Rugby Cement continues to be a leading national cement producer, primarily producing cement products for the construction industry.

In order to meet future production targets a contract to upgrade the existing production facility incorporating new plant and equipment was awarded to Amec Construction Ltd.

As a condition of the new development plant and equipment inside the 95 metre high Kiln "Pre-Heater Tower" needed to be screened from public view as a building control requirement, and at the same time also needed to have maximum ventilation. The sheer height and width of the building and the heat generated from the Kiln meant that the method of screening needed to meet both functional and aesthetic requirements but also have low maintenance needs. A natural ventilation system with a high free area at economic cost was required. The east elevation of the tower consists of 1580m² of louvre, the south elevation 1095m², west elevation 1362m² and the north elevation 877m² totalling almost 5000m², some 100km of louvre blades.

Colt was awarded the contract to supply and install roll formed single bank Colt Universal Louvre, including louvred doors, manufactured from British Steel’s HP200 pre-coated steel to all four of the building elevations.

The unique roll formed construction of the Universal Louvre blade allows the system to be manufactured from a variety of materials, to suit specific and functional requirements, including pre-coated steel, zinc coated aluminium alloys, pre-coated aluminium, stainless steel and even copper.

The use of a high free area 50mm pitch louvre blades ensured that both vision screening requirements and design ventilation rates are achieved. Taking into account the sheer height of the screening louvre and using a mast climber, the louvre was hoisted onto the building and then distributed onto each level. The louvre was passed into the mast climber for installation. Several unique fixing details were developed to facilitate accurate and speedy installation.

  • Project:
    • Rugby Cement
  • Location:
    • Rugby
  • Requirements:
    • Screening from public view and at the same time to have maximum ventilation
  • Client:
    • Rugby Cement
  • Main Contractor:
    • Amec Construction Ltd
  • Colt products: