Stuart Turner Ltd., Henley-on-Thames

Stuart turner Pumps Ltd, is a privately owned UK engineering company established in 1906 that produces a range of class leading shower pumps and water pressure boosting pumps with brands such as Monsoon, Showermate & Techflo.

Colt were asked to design and install a ventilation system to improve the working conditions in the machine shop and assembly section of the factory, an area just over 1500m².

Colt conducted a survey of the premises. It revealed that the facility’s existing air handling unit had insufficient capacity to cope with the heat gains arising from a combination of solar radiation in summer and heat given off from the machines used in the manufacturing process.

As well as ensuring any new ventilation equipment didn’t increase the internal noise levels, which were generally below the limit requiring the use of hearing protection, consideration had to be given to the external environment. As Stuart Turner’s premises bordered a residential area of the town, there was a concern about external noise, especially during regular evening shifts at the factory.

Due to the geometry of the area of the building in question, the balance of the heat sources and the layout of the machinery, a natural ventilation system wouldn’t provide ideal conditions so a mechanical ventilation solution was developed. The system incorporated low speed Whirlwind units for general extract to minimise external noise and attenuated Coltair units designed to provide local cooling by the provision of filtered, fresh air. The existing AHU was incorporated into the supply air system to reduce the new equipment required.

The low profile of the Whirlwind and Coltair cowl ensured that there were no issues with a planning restriction which required no projections above roof ridge level.

A central, automatic, control system provided three operating modes with manual override to ensure optimum conditions in the factory irrespective of the external weather conditions or time of day.

  • Project:
    • Stuart Turner Ltd.
  • Location:
    • Henley-on-Thames
  • Requirements:
    • Ventilation system to improve the working conditions of 1500m² section of the factory
  • Main Contractor:
    • Stuart Turner Ltd.
  • Colt products: