Wandsworth Riverside, London

Colt has been involved with the building of these luxury London apartments since the design stage, successfully installing smoke shafts, ventilators, extractors, fans and a Wintergarden glazing system.

Colt provides a complete smoke control, fume extract and climate control solution at this impressive mixed-use development.

Working with Galliford Try as a specified, specialist contractor over the last 8 years, we completed this impressive 5 building, residential/commercial mix project in 2021.

Completed in 5 phases, the development required numerous push-pull and variable systems to supply effective smoke control throughout the residential and commercial spaces as needed. The lobbies of the buildings have had different architects’ interpretations over the course of the project, so Colt has moved with the differing design and legal requirements, helping the architects realise their visions fully.

In addition, Colt was also tasked with supplying smoke and fume extract systems for a car park and basement for which we used our Cyclone car park induction fans and reversible Jetstream fans, basement dampers and CO sensors with associated controls panels. In the car park, we also added circuits to the large underground car park in phases ensuring the panels are all “future proofed”.

The prime apartments in this development each has their own wintergarden, for which our stylish Coltlite LWS Wintergarden Glazing System was specified. The Coltlites are an aesthetically pleasing way to create an enjoyable ‘inside-outside’ atmosphere for the residents and allows them to easily manage the climate on their balconies.

With the project being located close to the Thames, one of the key considerations was, of course, moisture contact. Therefore, all paint used was independently tested to marine conditions and all fixings have also been independently pull-tested and certified as per contract.