Wembley Stadium, London

The 90,000 seat Wembley Stadium is the largest covered football stadium in the world. It's key feature of the new stadium is its partly retractable roof, supported structurally by a spectacular 133-metre-high arch.

Colt supplied and installed a louvre facade and smoke control system.

Colt provided architectural louvre, louvred windows and smoke control ventilation in four separate packages. On two levels adjacent to the main entrance lobby, Colt provided 32 Coltlite single glazed louvred smoke clearance ventilators.

At the head of the eight main firefighting staircases Colt provided Seefire louvred ventilators & pressure relief dampers in a smoke control scheme as part of the overall pressurisation system.

At level 6 at the underside of the stand Colt provided ERD extruded screening and performance louvre panels to provide ventilation to kiosks. This screen is continuous around the whole stadium.

Colt also provided inlet and extract ventilation in the form of curved louvre panels for six pods on the concourse which ventilate the lower level plant rooms. Each pod varies from 6 to 10 metres long. Colt Slimshield R-type acoustic louvre and louvre doors were incorporated into these to provide the necessary acoustic attenuation.

  • Project:
    • Wembley Stadium
  • Location:
    • London
  • Requirements:
    • Louvre facade and smoke control system
  • Architect:
    • Foster and Partners
    • HOK Sport Architecture
  • Main Contractor:
    • Multiplex
  • Trade Contractors:
    • Mineral Star Roofing
    • Permasteelisa
    • MJN Colston
  • Colt products: