Data centre cooling: Boost your building’s cooling performance with Colt

Colt climate control systems prevent overheating

Designs for data centres need to address the overheating due to the high levels of heat generated by the servers housed in the building and excessive humidity. Colt can help you provide the internal environment required by the computer equipment with evaporative cooling. During the warmer months, our solution can ensure the temperature is maintained within the design parameters, and in winter recirculation of hot extract air will keep the temperature above the minimum required.

Driving down energy consumption of data centre cooling

Energy consumption is a big concern for data centres, and Colt can help design a solution that will maintain temperature and humidity within the required parameters while dramatically cutting energy usage. By relying on evaporative cooling rather than traditional air conditioning, we can provide a highly cost-effective data centre cooling solution that uses the cooling power of water to reduce the temperature and only needs a small quantity of electricity.