Create a comfortable, safe and healthy teaching environment with Colt

Colt Climate control systems are good for education

Building designs for schools need to eliminate overheating, provide fresh, good air quality and good lighting, as recommended by BB101.

Good ventilation is particularly important for maintaining healthy learning spaces while the world is still dealing with Covid-19. Ensuring adequate natural ventilation in classrooms and other shared spaces is needed to reduce the potential concentration of the virus, and therefore the infection rate. We can help you create a comfortable and healthy teaching environment. We can supply natural ventilators with automatic controls, or hybrid systems integrating natural and mechanical ventilation with or without cooling. We can support the design process from an early stage, developing CFD simulations to show how the proposed solution will work.

Designing low running costs into school buildings

Colt’s integrated approach will ensure that the solution developed for your project delivers most effectively a good internal climate while minimising initial and running costs through lower energy consumption and maintenance expenses.