Food & beverage industry: Eliminate overheating in your facilities with Colt

Colt Climate Control Systems are good for food

The various food & beverage sectors have different climate control requirements, depending on the processes being carried out, but all share an overriding concern for overheating and hygiene.

Colt can develop an effective tailor made solution for every situation, completing a site survey in order to analyse the issues and develop the most effective solution, relying on natural or mechanical ventilation or evaporative cooling. These systems are very effective in keeping temperatures down and creating a comfortable and safe environment with good air quality. They are highly energy efficient, easy to clean and extremely reliable – highly cost-effective in installation, operation and maintenance.

Creating a hygienic environment for food processing

Colt’s solutions for the food and beverage industry are designed to ensure the high levels of hygiene required by this sector. Our natural and mechanical ventilation systems provide effective filtration for clean rooms and our evaporative cooling systems are hygienically tested and certified to VDI 6022.