Healthcare: Create a comfortable and healthy environment with Colt

Colt Climate control systems are good for your health

Building designs for health centres and hospitals need to provide a healthy, comfortable and airy environment. Colt can help you develop a design that will maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels, good air quality and make best use of natural light. Airborne infection control is a key concern, which we can address very effectively with natural ventilation, while filtration of the inlet areas will protect from external air pollution, guaranteeing good air quality in the building. We can design custom natural ventilation systems with automatic controls, or hybrid systems integrating natural ventilation and mechanical heating and cooling systems.

Designing low operating costs into healthcare buildings

Colt’s integrated approach will ensure that the solution developed for your project delivers most effectively a good, healthy internal climate. We bring our uniquely broad expertise and product offering, which range across different specialties. For example, we can also integrate in your design solar shading that will work with the climate control system to further reduce overheating and improve light quality. Our systems work together to minimise running costs by cutting energy use and lowering maintenance expenses.