Office Buildings: Improve your building’s performance with Colt

Colt climate control systems keep staff safe, boost productivity and cut costs

Overheating, energy efficiency and optimum use of natural daylight are key factors to address when designing a climate control solution for office buildings, which typically have large glazed areas.

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is also vital that you consider how well ventilated your shared office spaces are. The government has stated that well ventilated spaces are considered significantly safer as they reduce the potential concentration of virus particles in the air and as a result, keep infection rates down.

Colt’s integrated approach can help you create an environment that will increase the satisfaction and productivity of employees working in the offices and improve their health and attendance, while enhancing the building’s energy and environmental performance. The result: healthier employees, more productivity, lower operating costs.

Designing productivity into new builds and existing stock

Colt brings to your project its uniquely broad expertise and product offering, which range across different specialties. Its solutions can integrate natural ventilation and smoke control systems to create a working environment that is safe, healthy and comfortable. Colt can support the design process from an early stage, be it for a new project or the upgrading of an existing building, developing solutions that are efficient, cost effective to install and run, and work with the aesthetics of the architectural design.