Power generation and energy from waste facilities: Innovative ventilation

Colt applies an effective problem solving approach to the ventilation and smoke control challenges of Power Stations and Energy from Waste facilities.

Colt Ventilation and Smoke Control in power generation and energy from waste plants

Power generation plants present particularly challenging conditions, such as heat, dust, fumes, noise, odour and smoke, which can be difficult to control. This is true whether energy is generated from waste, from nuclear or from “traditional” sources, such as oil, gas or coal.

Colt has the expertise to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solution to tackle the ventilation and smoke control challenges presented by all types of power generation plants. Colt experts can rely on an extremely broad range of products, which are fully tested, durable, high in performance, easy to install, multi-functional in character (in many cases offering smoke control and natural ventilation) and low in running costs.

Colt is represented in more than 75 countries around the world by local teams of experts that are able to support designers and building owners from the outline design phase up to completion of the installation of the proposed solution.

Colt offers an integrated approach as the partner who is responsible for design, delivery, installation and performance of the entire ventilation system.