Sports & Leisure Buildings: Create the right environment for health & fitness

Colt Climate control systems are good for fitness

Overheating, excessive humidity and air quality are key issues that need to be addressed effectively by leisure centres to ensure the comfort and health of the building’s users. Colt can help you create a comfortable and healthy internal climate for all types of fitness activities.

We can help you deal with the build-up of heat in the gyms and of humidity in covered swimming pools with custom natural ventilation systems. These will ensure sufficient air change to maintain a good air quality in every part of the leisure centre. We can also develop hybrid systems integrating natural ventilation and mechanical heating to maintain ideal temperature, humidity and air quality levels during the winter months.

Designing low running costs into leisure centres

Colt can support the design process from an early stage, and our integrated approach will ensure that the solution we develop for your project delivers most effectively the internal environment you require while minimising installation and running costs through high energy efficiency and low maintenance expenses.