Warehouses: Drive down running costs with Colt

One purpose of climate control systems for warehouses is to ensure that ideal conditions for storing goods or equipment are maintained at all times. Colt can help you design the most effective solution to maintain the right temperature levels and air quality throughout the year, with custom natural ventilation systems or hybrid systems integrating natural ventilation and mechanical heating and cooling systems.

Designing cost efficiency into your warehouse

Colt’s integrated approach will ensure that the solution developed for your warehouse delivers most effectively the internal conditions that meet your storage requirements while minimising initial and running costs through lower energy consumption and maintenance expenses.

Designing in fire safety

Colt can also offer you improved safety by integrating the smoke control and smoke containment systems into the ventilation design. See our smoke control in warehouses page for further info.

Next steps

Contact Colt. We have considerable experience in the design and implementation of climate and smoke control systems in warehouses and single storey industrial buildings.