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People work better in Colt conditions

Colt climate control systems can help enhance working conditions and product quality in your building.

Current environmental and Health and Safety requirements mean that many climate control installations regarded as adequate in the past need upgrading.

If you manage or own a building that requires a stable temperate to make it fit for purpose, it is essential that your temperature and heat control systems are the best they can be. Our experts can help assess your current set-up and advise on improvements.

Choose Colt.

Choose Colt for health and safety.

Sharing working environments and buildings with machines and vehicles without efficient climate control and ventilation can increase the risk of workplace accidents.

Choose Colt for improved product quality.

Modern production increasingly demands a tightly controlled environment to maintain consistent quality.

Choose Colt to get the best from your team.

People are known to work better in Colt conditions.


Stuart Turner Ltd.

Colt were asked to design and install a ventilation system to improve conditions in the 1500m2 assembly section of the factory.

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Manchester Civil Justice Centre

Coltlite dampers with insulated blades for natural ventilation regulate inlet air to maximise comfort mid-season. 

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The Lightbox, London

Innovative natural ventilation prevents uncomfortable working conditions.

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Pembroke Power Station

Constant temperatures ensure safer, more comfortable working conditions.

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Harefield Academy, Uxbridge

Colt provided electronically operated Seefire ventilators to provide natural ventilation at the academy's indoor football pitch.

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What can we do for your organisation?

To find out how Colt climate control can improve your working environment, click here. Alternatively, call Paul Langford on 02392 451111 or email

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