Evaporative cooling that does exactly what it says on the aluminium

Colt engineers first developed climate control back in 1931. Time has taught us what works and what doesn’t. So these days, our systems are at the very forefront of climate control technology.

How evaporative cooling works

Evaporative cooling provides a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional air conditioning.

Wide range of products

Our CoolStream STAR product range provides evaporative cooling suitable for all cooling and heating needs.

Free consultation

If your building is too hot or cold, if your process gives off fume or moisture, or if noise is a concern, then we may be able to help you.

Good for the environment

Which means it's good for your budget. Our CoolStream range is up to seven times more efficient than conventional air conditioning.

Service and maintenance

We've been servicing our climate control systems for almost 70 years and are only company who can offer complete nationwide coverage.

Smart controls

CoolStream evaporative cooling systems can be controlled via a simple App on a PC, phone or tablet.

Safe operations

Colt CoolStream evaporative cooling systems are designed to ensure optimal water quality, having been rigorously hygienically tested.

Fits all building types

We've been hard at is, installing our systems in schools, factories, offices and much more all over the UK and throughout the world, since 1931.

Design service

Our design support, knowledge and advice is by far the best in the industry. That's because we've been leaders in the field for over 85 years.