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Colt for precise, year round climate control and better quality, advanced production methods and environments.

More and more high-tech industries are now demanding stable, all-year-round atmospheric conditions for their production and working environments. Constant temperatures not only ensure consistent production quality, but also protect the health and safety of the workforce. 

Choose Colt.

Choose Colt for improved product quality.

Modern production increasingly demands a tightly controlled environment to maintain product quality.

Choose Colt for health and safety.

Constant control of temperature and humidity is vital for potentially toxic and unstable composite materials.

Choose Colt to get the best from your workforce.

People are known to work better in Colt conditions.


Airbus North Factory, Flintshire

Efficient climate control at Airbus ensures product quality and staff morale. 

Alcoa Aluminium, Birmingham

The roof of Alcoa’s smelting shed was damaged beyond repair after a fire. Colt designed a system that could regulate the high heat loads.

Stuart Turner Ltd.

Low-profile ventilation systems improved  conditions in the 1500m2 assembly section.

What can we do for your organisation?

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