Colt for precise, year round climate control and better quality, advanced production methods and environments

More and more high-tech industries are now demanding stable, all-year-round atmospheric conditions for their production and working environments. Constant temperatures not only ensure consistent production quality, but also protect the health and safety of the workforce.

Choose Colt

Choose Colt for improved product quality

Modern production increasingly demands a tightly controlled environment to maintain product quality.

Choose Colt for health and safety

Constant control of temperature and humidity is vital for potentially toxic and unstable composite materials.

Choose Colt to get the best from your workforce

People are known to work better in Colt conditions.


Pembroke Power Station

Colt was commissioned to provide a ventilation package to provide means of discharging heat for a comfortable and safer environment.


Civil Justice Centre, Manchester

Coltlite dampers with insulated blades set behind louvre panels for natural ventilation.


Harefield Academy, Uxbridge

Colt installed Seefire roof ventilators to provide natural ventilation, with a control system to control the internal temperature.

What can we do for your organisation?

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