Why blow your money on air conditioning you don't actually need?

Where pinpoint control of the temperature in your working environment isn’t crucial, you can use evaporative cooling to create productive, healthy internal climates without the crippling costs of traditional air conditioning.

Evaporative cooling

Energy efficient
Low running costs
Simple maintenance
Runs on water
No refrigerants
Less roof space required

Lower weight units

Air conditioning

Precise temperature control
Respiratory health risks
Complex maintenance
High initial & running costs
Uses harmful refrigerants
Requires considerable roof space
Heavy units

Evaporative cooling is the cheaper, safer and more efficient alternative to air conditioning

How evaporative cooling works

Evaporative cooling provides a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional air conditioning. Find out how.

Wide range of products

Our CoolStream STAR product range provides evaporative cooling suitable for all cooling and heating needs.

Good for the environment

Which means it's good for your budget. Our CoolStream range is up to seven times more efficient than conventional air conditioning.

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