How to improve staff comfort and productivity when temperatures rise

Effective use of hybrid and displacement ventilation systems could help you maintain optimal working conditions while saving on running costs this summer

Displacement ventilation works by introducing cool air into a building at low level, causing warm air to rise to ceiling level where it is extracted. That means more comfortable working conditions in the areas of the building where your staff are active.

These systems operate at both low velocity and very low pressure, which gives you the instant benefit of a reduction in noise produced, as well as minimal annoying draughts in the area.
As well as this, displacement ventilation is also highly energy-efficient, with longer spells of free cooling reducing your energy bills drastically across the system’s lifetime.

Hybrid ventilation refers to the complementary use of mechanical and natural ventilation systems to produce optimal working conditions. Our wide range of both natural and mechanical products means there is hardly any situation or building that we could not produce a highly efficient, effective hybrid system designed specifically with your business’ needs in mind. We can also work with your existing systems and help you optimise your current set-up by integrating it with additional mechanical or natural solutions.

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