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Industrial ventilation solutions from Colt.
Maintaining optimal temperatures for staff and equipment

Colt is the UK’s most experienced manufacturer, installer and servicer of industrial ventilation systems

We understand how to design, install and maintain the best system for your needs and have experience working with all types of buildings, no matter how challenging.

Our experts can design an integrated system that will create a comfortable environment all year round for working within industrial buildings, maintaining the temperatures required for storage or for the production equipment to operate efficiently.

Want to find out more about how Colt can help you improve the conditioins in your industrial building?

View our industrial ventilation solutions:

Colt Labyrinth industrial ventilator

Labyrinth provides continuous extract ventilation for most kinds of industrial buildings and is suitable for both smoke and climate control projects.

MoffittVent natural ventilator

MoffittVent provides continuous extract ventilation, providing high volume industrial ventilation. It is aerodynamically designed to provide continuous weatherproof ventilation.

Aerox heavy industry ventilator

This is a highly efficient weathered natural ventilator, particularly suitable for use in heat-intensive and noisy industrial buildings where there is a premium on available roof space for such equipment.

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