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Keep employees safe and break the link between high temperatures
and low productivity in 1 easy click.

Since pioneering the science of climate control back in 1931 Colt has remained at the forefront of technological advances. Over 85 years of experience developing custom-designed climate control systems and protecting the health of workers and their productivity, means our knowledge, support and advice are industry-leading. So, let us improve your building’s environment and your productivity.

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic our experience and expertise has never been more valuable. The government has said that it is vital to have well-ventilated workplaces to reduce the spread of the virus.

We can help you create a well-ventilated working environment that keeps staff healthy without risking the temperature dropping to uncomfortable and unproductive levels.

How to break the link between high temperatures
and low productivity in 3 blogs.

How evaporative cooling works.

How to improve productivity when the temperature rises.

As the temperature rises during the summer months, it is important to assess your productivity levels.

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Evaporative cooling.

How to improve productivity – identify the problems!

Getting the right temperature, humidity, air quality and lighting is vital for productivity.

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Free Building Survey.

Productivity and efficiency: Choose the right ventilation system.

They key criteria to identify when choosing the correct ventilation system for your building.

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Low productivity.

Some Causes.


Getting the right temperature is key in achieving a
comfortable working environment for your staff. As
part of a survey, we will asses the temperature of the
building, as well as look specific machinery heat loads.

Our tools include thermal imaging cameras which allow
us to identify exactly where the source of the heat is
and assess its impact on neighbouring machinery or
equipment.  They can also be useful, in winter, to
establish where heat is lost from the building. 


Often overlooked, ensuring a good source of supply air
is critical to an effective ventilation system. 

If your factory has no ventilation system, we can measure
elements such as droughts, air currents and distribution
velocity to gauge how this would affect any proposed
ventilation system. Where your factory has an existing
ventilation system, we can evaluate it's performance and
suggested upgrades as necessary.


Depending on where your factory is located, you may
have to adhere to strict noise restrictions so as not to
affect the outside environment. Where your staff are
concerned, you will also need to keep to HSE
guidelines on levels of noise exposure.

Where noise is an issue we can carry out an acoustic
survey that will provide the basis of a solution which
will not impact your staff or your neighbours.




Some Solutions.

CoolStream - S 

An effective and efficient alternative to traditional air
conditioning. This evaporative cooler is up to 7 times
more economical and has significantly lower installation


An industrial air handling system bringing fresh outdoor
air through the roof or the facade of the building. This
system has been designed to combine with CoolStream.

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