Low costs

Colt's CoolStream evaporative coolers are up to seven times more efficient than conventional air conditioning systems and infact the warmer the outside air, the more efficient the evaporative cooling process is.

In one hour CoolStream S.T.A.R systems consume only around 1 kW and 50 litres of water per 3m³/s of supplied air, providing up to 30 kW of cooling, depending on the configuration chosen. How is this achieved?

Power saving measures

The EC fans that CoolStream S.T.A.R systems use are inherently highly efficient. They operate at low power so they do not add heat to the airflow.

The system’s infinitely variable speed controls ensure that each unit operates using the least amount of electricity possible, ramping up and down only as required. As a result of their responding to demand, a reduction in energy use of up to 50% can be achieved.

There is no refrigerant cycle and no compressor.

Water measures

CoolStream’s inherent design automatically minimises water consumption. Depending on operating conditions, systems consume only around 50 litres of water per hour. Compare this to a single toilet flush at maybe 6 or 10L.

Light on maintenance

CoolStream systems are reliable as they use proven, non-complex technology, which means that little maintenance is needed.

Light on the environment

CoolStream systems run on water only and require no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or similar refrigerants which are harmful to the environment for the cooling process, which refrigerated air conditioning systems use. As a result they have no F-gas compliance issues.