Maintain optimal working conditions cost-effectively in the summer with a hybrid ventilation system

Hybrid ventilation refers to the complementary use of mechanical and natural ventilation systems to produce optimal working and storage conditions. Our wide range of products, combined with advanced control systems, means there is hardly any situation or building that we could not produce a highly efficient, effective hybrid system designed specifically with your business’ needs in mind. We can also work with your existing systems and help you optimise your current set-up by integrating it with additional mechanical or natural solutions.

Other benefits of hybrid ventilation systems include:

A more environmentally-friendly solution

By carefully analysing your building’s existing systems and your business’ needs, we can design a system that exchanges energy-draining machinery for natural solutions that are just as effective. That way, we not only reduce your costs, but also your carbon footprint.

Happier, more productive staff

Surveys have shown that every degree above 20 degrees can reduce productivity by as much as 4%. On a normal summer day, at 25 degrees, can you really afford to lose up to 20% of your workforce’s potential? The right ventilation system from Colt will help keep temperatures down and reduce noise levels, so staff are comfortable.