HVAC: Cost-effective solutions when natural ventilation is not an option

Colt HVAC systems are designed to provide an effective solution when the situation or structure of the building makes natural ventilation impossible. The building can be too low, or not enough heat is generated inside it, to create a stack effect to move the air. It may be impossible to fit enough natural vents at a low level to run a natural ventilation system or, if the building is contained within a bigger structure, there may be no direct access to natural air.

Colt HVAC systems offer a cost-effective solution. Colt’s experts can help you design the best system for your particular situation and also maximise energy efficiency by integrating a control system in the design.

Integrated systems to boost cooling and heating performance

Colt mechanical ventilation systems can also be integrated with air conditioning or adiabatic cooling to provide a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution when there is a requirement to cool below ambient temperature. HVAC systems can also be combined with heating and heat recovery systems to raise internal temperatures more efficiently.

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