Safe operation

Colt CoolStream evaporative cooling systems are designed to ensure optimal water quality. They have been hygienically tested and certified to VDI 6022, ensuring peace of mind that they are safe.

CoolStream systems are safe because:

  • The process water is continuously refreshed: levels are closely monitored, regularly drained and exchanged.
  • There are continuous checks of the water temperature, which is normally around 20C and which never approaches the higher temperatures at which legionella bacteria grow quickly.
  • There is no formation of micro-droplets, since the airflow and the water are separated within the desorption medium, and air moves at a low velocity.
  • CoolStream systems six-monthly maintenance regime includes measures to ensure high levels of hygiene.
  • Testing and certification to VDI 6022.

VDI 6022

CoolStream systems have been extensively tested and are in compliance with VDI 6022 (“Hygienic Requirements for Ventilation Systems and Units for Internal Spaces”). This is a holistic and rigorous standard for air conditioning systems and confirms the high quality of supply air.