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  • Thought leaders who are passionate at what they do. Our staff are expertly trained and love what they do. Two of our Chartered engineers sit on regulatory committees such as British Standards and European Construction Product Regulations, so when we say thought leaders, we really mean it!

  • Expertly trained, thoughtful and friendly staff. Relationships are valued here at Colt and we always have each other’s best interests at heart. Everyone at Colt is committed to their team and getting the job done correctly, but there is never a dull day in the workplace!

  • Diverse Teams. Here at Colt we are a global organisation with members of staff from many different backgrounds, able to utilise the first-hand knowledge acquired from projects around the world. We value everyone equally and understand that in our industry, employees involved at every level are absolutely crucial to our success.

What we offer

  • Over 85 years’ worth of proven experience. As an industry leader with nearly a century of success, our newer employees have access to expert knowledge, whether it be from project debriefs or every day work in the office, placing our staff way ahead of competitors. Creating healthy, safe and sustainable environments for clients is what we do, so it’s only fair our employees have the same!

  • Investing in you. Colt is built on the success and experience of our staff, and we provide access and funding for a vast number of qualifications. So you can receive the training you need to not only perform better on the job, but progress your future career. If you have the ability, we will give you every opportunity to make the most of it.

  • Ahead of the curve. At Colt you will be working with experts and pioneers in their field, whether it is designing new products or giving customers advanced solutions, you can be assured the knowledge and expertise you acquire is top quality.

  • Collaborative working environment. Our success is largely down to our teams. The working environment at Colt allows everyone to work together cohesively to get projects complete, fostering the innovative thinking and problem solving we pride ourselves on. You’ll find help wherever you need it at Colt, as everyone knows everyone!

What we look for

  • The right attitude. Qualities such as curiosity, tenacity and attentiveness are key in this competitive industry. You will need the dedication to foster your talents through our training at Colt, using our existing expertise to create your own set of skills.

  • Problem solvers and innovative thinkers. Our industry changes every day, creating new challenges to face and overcome; no two days are ever the same at Colt. With high expectations and standards to maintain, we need people that can change with the times and adapt to new circumstances, whilst keeping a clear head.

  • Passionate employees. Here at Colt, our employees perform so well because they are interested in what they do. If you have motivation and passion for this industry you’ll be perfect for our team.

Meet some Colt People

Business Applications Manager
"Everyone knows everyone, which is great."

Electrical Engineer
"Colt is incredibly supportive and I’m confident that I’ll have a successful future."