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Cyclone car park induction jet fan

Colt Cyclone is designed to reduce the concentrations of polluted air and to assist with the extraction of smoke trapped in car parks, in the event of a fire. It is a low profile, high velocity induction fan, which controls air movement in underground service areas and car parks, directing polluted air towards the extract positions. It is tested and certified to EN 12101-3.

Cyclone incorporates a backward curve centrifugal impeller with a high temperature external rotor motor rated at 300°C for one hour.

These kinds of fans use tunnel ventilation technology to eliminate the need for costly and bulky ductwork. Compared to ductwork systems, this may save car-parking spaces, reduce running costs and noise, and make the car park a lighter, less cluttered environment.


  • Maximum 50 N thrust: unit height of 252mm

Max. discharge velocity

  • 25.4 m/s

Max. air flow

  • 1.63 m³/s

Motor power (full speed)

  • 1.2 kW (IP 55 protection)


  • Single speed DOL motor suitable for inverter speed control, IP55 protection
  • Two speed dahlander motor (full and half speed), IP55 protection

Motors supplied as standard with a IP65 lockable fire rated isolator or optionally with a fitted IP55 terminal box. Built in switch fitted as standard.


  • Pre-galvanised sheet (standard)
  • Polyester powder coating to any other RAL colour

Fire performance

  • F300 - continuous operation for one hour at 300ºC (Cyclone achieved 2 hours under test).

Sound emissions

CIBSE Guide Volume A: 1999, Environmental Design, sets out a recommended maximum noise level of NR55 in car parks. Colt car park systems can be designed to achieve these noise levels if required.


The complete unit, including isolator, is rated at 300°C for 120 minutes, Class F300 to EN 12101-3 (2002). Cyclone is fully CE marked.

Please contact us for more information relating to the application, specification, installation and servicing of this product.

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