Control Panel SKC-SC

SKC-SC controls fire curtains and smoke curtain.

SKC controls - a new “super brain” for automatic safety curtains

The SKC-SC control panel is an integrated part of a smoke control and fire management scheme, with emergency power units and the facility to interface directly with a fire alarm system.

In general a simple system that lowers the automatic curtains in response to a fire signal is all that is needed. However our SKC-SC control system can also be specified with more sophisticated control if required. The controller has all-round capabilities, is of modular build, has many different functions, and is simple to configure and use.

The SKC-SC can set the height of drop of an individual or group of curtains (placing it in a so-called "multi-position mode"), irrespective of whether its motor is drive-down or gravity fall. This enables the system to more flexible in its response to different kinds of scenarios. There are three different heights of drop available. It has also the option to run the automatic curtain with a time delay.

In addition to standard features such as sounders, announcements, smoke detectors, manual call points and flashing lights, the SKC-SC has some extra features:

- At least 72 hours standby power supply in the event that the normal power fails

- Continuous monitoring of the closing curtain using radar detection

- Automatic stopping of the curtain, if for example there is an obstacle or a person in its way

- Continuous monitoring for open and short circuits

- Logging of the history relating to system status and fault events within the internal memory.

The SKC-SC includes many activation options, with the conventional means being via the fire alarm system. However as well as a firefighters override switch the system can also accommodate a push-button which opens the curtains if required (for a maximum of 30 seconds) to allow people to leave the fire area, for example. This feature not only makes it unnecessary to install emergency doors within smoke curtains - it can save lives.

When the alarm is raised, the system provides status messages and optical or acoustic signalling. It monitors cables for wirebreak and short circuit.

The control panel is designed for the safe operation of automatic smoke and fire curtains. It contains programs for intermediate positions for both drive up / drive down and ‚‘gravity fail-safe‘‘ operation, as well as for the re-opening of the curtain after it has been lowered.

The control panel is designed to meet the requirements of the ISO EN 21927-9 and prEN 12101-9 product standards. It has a local power supply system to maintain all control functions over a period of at least 72 hours, meeting the requirements of EN 12101-10. The control panel meets all the requirements of CE marking under the Construction Products Regulation. SKC-SC has also been fully tested to BS 8524-1.

Features and benefits

Processor controls:

- Panel provides an activity log and status messages of the connected equipment

- manual control of the connected equipment for testing and maintenance via built-in switches.

  • A wide range of modes
  • Modular design
  • USB interface
  • Configuration via a PC
  • 72 hours local power supply
  • Monitoring of cables
  • Intermediate drop position option
  • Developed for automatic smoke and fire curtains
  • Operation with ASB types 1 to 4
  • Designed and tested in accordance with ISO EN 21927-9 (prEN 12101-9), EN 12101-10 and BS 8524.

Can control up to four groups of curtains, if necessary each with different functions and provide a status back to a fire alarm system or building management system if necessary.


  • Tested to preliminary European Standard EN 12101-9 / ISO 21927-9
  • Tested to European Standard EN 12101-10
  • Certification according to EU Construction Products Regulation
  • Certificate of Conformity according ISO Standard
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015


Control Panel SKC-SC

SKC-SC controls fire curtains and smoke curtains. It has been tested in accordance with ISO EN 21927-9 (prEN 12101-9) and BS 8524. It has a power supply to maintain the control functions for at least 72 hours in accordance with EN 12101-10.

It provides the following functions:

  • Maintains the curtains in the raised position in the event of a temporary interruption to the power supply assuming the optional uninterruptible power supply (UPS) has been supplied and connected.
  • Automatically lowers the curtain in case of alarm.
  • Intermediate stop for curtains before they descend completely to the floor (HWD-1 + 2).
  • Alternatively run the automatic curtain with a time delay before they descend completely to the floor.
  • Emergency opening button to enable personnel leaving an area to be able to open the curtain once it has been lowered.
  • Fire-fighter’s override button.
  • Safety bottom bar to stop the curtain if there is an obstruction.
  • Beam detector to monitor the opening for obstructions.
  • Combination multi-tone siren and strobe light with the option of a voice warning system.
  • Manual operation
  • Status reports to building management.

The system is modular and can be configured on a PC via a USB interface to provide the required functionality for a project.

The history relating to the system status and fault events is stored within the internal memory.

The panel has a switch for service and maintenance purposes