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CoolStream N natural cooling and ventilation system

CoolStream N provides low-cost evaporative / adiabatic cooling and ventilation principally for larger industrial premises with relatively high internal heat loads. It has been hygienically tested and certified to VDI 6022.

The CoolStream N evaporative cooler helps keep larger internal spaces cool all year round. It doesn’t need to cost the earth: using the cooling power of water, it’s possible to achieve low energy cooling.


Highly efficient evaporative cooling system for the façade. Provides cooled air as part of a balanced natural ventilation system, to keep the indoor climate cool. Uses only fresh outside air. Has an integrated water quality control system, and has been tested to the VDI 6022 hygiene standard. Can incorporate optional EC fans to boost air flow and cooling capacity if required. For combination with natural façade ventilators.

Size options


  • From 800 mm up to 9600 mm overall in 400 mm steps.


  • Four overall heights are available: 666 mm, 1000 mm, 1333 mm and 2000 mm.
  • Maximum geometric face area 20 m2

Fan options

  • Natural cooling (no fans)
  • High-efficiency low noise variable 0-100% speed EC fans

Controls options

Touch screen controls, temperature and humidity options, BMS connections (ask Colt for further info)

Other options/ accessories

Two different pump sizes for different installation heights and free areas

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