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CoolStream R rooftop unit with cooling, heating, ventilation and heat reclaim

CoolStream R provides a complete air conditioning solution over the entire year using evaporative (adiabatic) cooling technology. Cooling, heating, heat reclaim, air filtration and ventilation are all combined within one unit. Incorporates two low-energy EC fans.

The CoolStream R unit is particularly suitable for the air conditioning of larger industrial, semi-industrial and commercial spaces. It is a "plug and play unit" supplied ready for connection to services. There are various filter classes and types of heaters (hot water, gas or electric) with different capacities to choose from.

Features and benefits

  • High evaporative cooling efficiency - low running costs. Only consumes about 5 kW per 5.0 m³/s (18,000 m³/h) cooled air, providing up to 70 kW of cooling.
  • EC fans (fitted as standard) boost efficiency
  • Variable speed controls boost efficiency by only providing the airflow that is needed
  • Simple and reliable technology – thus low maintenance costs
  • Durable: corrosion-resistant aluminium housing with powder coated water tray and water distribution system
  • Space-saving installation on the roof with easy access for servicing
  • No refrigerants (e.g. CFCs) used for cooling which are harmful to the environment
  • Extensively tested and certified hygienically in compliance with VDI 6022 (“Hygienic Requirements for Ventilation Systems and Units for Internal Spaces”). This is a rigorous standard for air conditioning systems and confirms the high quality of supply air
  • Flexible in configuration, simple commissioning: a "plug and play" unit
  • Controlled by highly intuitive and simple Colt Cortiva controls, either through a web browser or as an app on a smart phone or tablet.
  • Additional destratification by a Colt Wastemaster system boosts the heat reclaim.
  • Designed and manufactured by Colt.

Please contact us for more information relating to the application, specification, installation and servicing of this product.

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