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Colt Cortiva - the smart control system

Colt Cortiva

Controls for air-conditioning systems are often considered to be complicated, expensive and time-consuming to commission and manage. Those days are over. Cortiva is easy to use and, most significantly, available via a tablet PC or a smart phone. It requires no special knowledge to configure the HVAC system or to make changes to the individual parameters.

All CoolStream S.T.A.R systems are designed to be controlled by the Colt Cortiva control system.

Cortiva datasheet 

Cortiva uses its own control network that is accessible by either Windows, Android or iOS. It comprises: 

  • A configured central controller with I/O modules, outdoor temperature and humidity sensor.
  • One or more (max. 16) Cortiva receivers, one in each CoolStream unit
  • A wi-fi router for operating the system
  • An optional VPN router for accessing the Cortiva system and
  • A means of operation: a PC, tablet or smart phone.

Features and benefits of Cortiva

  • The user interface is intuitive and straightforward. With one password you can log in, select the desired language and make changes to the parameters via the system configuration tool, whether these be temperature set points, operating modes, week programs, ventilator settings, or other parameters.
  • Combining CoolStream with Cortiva can result in significant amounts of energy being saved: Cortiva can finely control the CoolStream‘s continuously variable fans, resulting in savings in power consumption of up to 50 per cent compared to conventional air conditioning systems.
  • With CoolStream systems, Cortiva also provide heating controls. With CoolStream T, A and R versions, Cortiva can achieve active destratification (warm air recirculation) if linked to recirculation fans, by measuring the differences between the working level and under the roof level and modifying their speed.

Cortiva can control the speed of exhaust fans or positions of natural exhaust ventilators, including wind and rain sensing and response.

CoolStream S

CoolStream S


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