CoolStream V

Evaporative pre-cooling component for either new or existing ventilation systems.


The CoolStream V provides evaporatively cooled air as the initial component of a ventilation system. The ventilation system can comprise either a simple supply air fan with ducting, an existing Coltair ventilation system, or a complex air handling unit. The CoolStream V is a cost-effective way to keep internal spaces pleasantly cool on warm and hot days - cooling is achieved simply by using evaporating water. No environmentally harmful refrigerants are used.

The process of evaporation considerably cools down the outdoor air that is drawn in, resulting in fresh, cool and - if used together with an optional filter - cleaned air. At an outside temperature of 35°C / 30% RH, temperatures reduce to 23°C. The control system monitors and controls the water fully automatically, thus suppressing the growth of bacteria and lime. The unit is made of aluminium and stainless steel. In addition, all water-bearing components have smooth surfaces and are easily accessible for maintenance purposes.

The integrated control system takes care of filling and emptying the internal reservoir and monitoring the water temperature and circulation. Once there is the demand for the cooling process, the unit fills with water and then the water circulation starts. If the cooling is not required for a short period, the unit is switched to standby, and in this circumstance the water stays in the unit. The control system automatically ensures that the desorption medium is dried following unit operation.

CoolStream Evaporative Coolers - NBS Specification

Features and benefits

  • The system features low installation costs and extremely low operating costs – up to seven times lower than conventional air conditioning that uses the vapor compression refrigeration cycle because conventional air conditioning requires seven times more power input for the same amount of cooling power output.
  • Lower energy requirements mean the CoolStream V is more environmentally friendly than conventional cooling systems.  
  • The control system integrated into the unit takes care of filling and emptying the internal reservoir and monitoring the water temperature and circulation.
  • Existing ventilation systems can be easily retrofitted, thanks to the plug & play design, the wide product range with three possible kinds of installation and an integrated control system.
  • The system consists of a corrosion-resistant aluminium housing with a powder coated water reservoir. All connections are either aluminium or stainless steel.

Available versions

Connection variants

In the classic version, the CoolStream V is installed onto the roof with a bottom duct connection. The cooled supply air is introduced into the room using the Coltair ventilation system. A side duct connection is typically used is when the unit is installed next to a building. If the unit is placed on the floor, the supply air is first conveyed upwards. In this instance a top duct connection is used.

Max. recommended air flow volume:

  • W100/H067 bottom/top connection: 13000 m³/h
  • W100/H067 side connection: 9500 m³/h
  • W100/H100 bottom/top connection: 19500 m³/h
  • W100/H100 side connection: 14000 m³/h
  • W140/H100 bottom/top connection: 28000 m³/h
  • W140/H100 side connection: 20500 m³/h

Optional outdoor air filter

  • Filter /X: Without outdoor air filter
  • Filter /A: ISO 16890 Coarse 70%
  • Filter /B: ISO 16890 ePM10 75%
  • Filter /C: ISO 16890 ePM1 55%

Performance classes

IP rating and protection class

  • IP54 rating (to EN 60529)
  • Protection class 1 (to EN 61140)


Colt Plexus control: With Plexus integrated into the unit and a preferred external control, you get a tailor-made control solution.

Power supply

  • Option /EU: 220-240V / 50 Hz / 1~
  • Option /WW: 220-240V / 50 - 60 Hz / 1~