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Colt 1UL Universal Louvre fixed metal external louvre system

Colt 1UL Universal Louvre is a roll-formed or extruded single (1UL) bank system, used for screening and/or ventilation. It is very often used as plant room louvre, or indeed anywhere where plant needs to be covered up.

1UL is a single bank louvre system designed for screening or cladding applications when rain defence is not of primary importance. Where rain defence is needed, we recommend the use of either 2UL or 3UL.

Aerodynamic performance

  • Universal Louvre 1UL/SH - minimum performance coefficient (Cv) of 0.43 (inlet) and 0.38 (extract). This is equivalent to Class 1 to HEVAC 4th Edition.
  • For data on DH (deep) versions, please contact Colt.

Rain defence performance (to HEVAC 4th Edition)

Class D at all velocities. Single bank louvres are ideally applied in sheltered locations or where rain penetration may be acceptable.


  • Tested to HEVAC 4th Edition

Please contact us for more information relating to the application, specification, installation and servicing of this product.

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