Natural ventilator, designed use in industry. Suitable for permanent ventilation in all weather conditions.


Certified according to EN 12101-2, Aerox is a natural smoke and heat extract ventilator. The Aerox is intended for permanent weather-protected day-to-day ventilation, automatic smoke extraction in the case of fire.

It is manufactured completely from high quality components. Its principal component is corrosion-resistant aluminium. Its high quality and low maintenance design make it particularly energy-efficient.

The Aerox is controlled automatically via an automatic weather system (rain sensor or wind sensor) or via the building management system. To avoid unnecessary energy losses when the plant is not in operation, the louvres can be closed. On request, the Aerox can be equipped with sound insulation baffles.

An ingenious system of internal channels inside the unit ensures that the ventilator keeps rain out. Any droplets that penetrate are collected and discharged to the outside.

Very flexible

The Aerox can cope with high heat loads, is rain-proof and absorbs noise. Depending on the weather, its louvre blades can be moved automatically to one of three different positions to provide optimal performance.

  • 45° opening position: rain-proof ventilation
    Labyrinthine channels inside the unit ensure that the ventilator keeps rain out. These collect any droplets that penetrate and discharge them to the outside.
  • 97° opening position: smoke ventilation / maximum ventilation when the weather is good
  • 0° opening position: unit closed

Proven engineering calculations

The ability of the Aerox to withstand snow and wind loads has been verified by an external structural engineer. The Aerox is able to withstand these loads:

  • Snow load: 1.33 kN/m² (when closed)
  • Pressure from a gust: 1.20 kN/m² (equivalent to a wind gust of ~126 km/h)

Features and benefits

  • High volume, weather-resistant ventilation – labyrinthine louvres and rain channels provide aerodynamically efficient ventilation in bad weather
  • Very good performance classes according to EN 12101-2
  • High volumes of heat can be removed from the building
  • Certified in accordance with EN 12101-2 up to a maximum width x length of 3000 x 30000 mm
  • Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 (quality management standard)
  • High airflow (Cvw value up to 0.95)
  • Natural daylight for buildings
  • Robust design
  • Low installation costs
  • A wide range of colours
  • Engineering calculations available
  • Sound insulation up to 24 dB without sound baffles (and when closed)

Available versions


  • Unit width: from 1000 mm to 3000 mm (in mm increments)
  • Unit length: from 3000 mm to ∞ mm (in mm increments)


Available in many different flange sizes which makes it easy to fix it onto most types of roofs.

Lightweight components reduce installation costs.


The Aerox’s labyrinthine louvres are opened and closed either electrically or pneumatically. It is also possible to have the louvres fixed at an opening angle of 45°.

The following drives are available:

  • 24 V DC electric actuators
  • Double action pneumatic cylinders
  • No controls, louvres fixed open at 45°

Thermal release (for pneumatic cylinders)

A thermal ventilation valve with a connected gas bottle and a thermo bulb ensures automatic release in the case of fire.

Different release temperatures (for example 68°C or 182°C) are possible.

Performance classes

In accordance with EN 12101-2

  • Wind load class: WL 1500
  • Snow load class: Variable, up to SL 1500
  • Operating temperature: T(00) / T(-15) / T(-25)
  • Resistance to heat: B300 – Bs1,d0
  • Reliability:
    • Smoke ventilation: 1000 cycles
    • Day-to-day ventilation: +10000 cycles

Additional performance classes

  • Sound insulation: Up to 24.0 dB (without sound insulation baffles)
  • Pressure from a gust: 1.20 kN/m²
  • Snow load: 1.33 kN/m² (when closed)