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Labyrinth industrial ventilator

Labyrinth provides continuous extract ventilation for most kinds of industrial buildings and is suitable for both smoke and climate control projects. Its aerodynamically designed louvres provide high capacity continuous weatherproof ventilation. The unit can be used for air extract and air inflow and can be adapted to accept sound absorbers. It can also be fitted with a shutter. Labyrinth is very low silhouette and low in weight and this means that less supporting steelwork is required than comparable ventilators.


Performance of Labyrinth varies with the size and options selected.

  • Airflow: Project-specific engineered to meet specified heat load or air change removal rates
  • Wind load: Up to 1,500 N/m²
  • Snow  load: Up to 1,000 N/m²
  • Sound insulation: Depends on acoustic treatment, up to 22.5 dB R`

Please contact us for more information relating to the application, specification, installation and servicing of this product.

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