Natural ventilator, designed use in industry. Suitable for permanent ventilation in all weather conditions.


Certified according to EN 12101-2, Labyrinth is a natural smoke and heat extract ventilator. The Labyrinth is intended for permanent weather-protected day-to-day ventilation, automatic smoke extraction and ventilation in the case of fire.

It is manufactured completely from high quality components. Its principal component is mainly corrosion-resistant aluminium. It is particularly energy efficient with its high quality and low maintenance design.

Labyrinth is a natural ventilator for continuous and rain-proof ventilation. The Labyrinth is particularly suitable for heat and noise-intensive factories, where on the one hand a lot of heat is dissipated and on the other hand noise pollution must be minimised.

Labyrinthine louvres and rain channels ensure that rainwater is directed away from the ventilator onto the roof.

The Labyrinth has many different versions and so can be adapted to meet a wide range of project requirements.


The Labyrinth can be fitted with a shutter. This prevents any unnecessary energy losses and regulates the amount of heat being extracted. The shutter is mounted above the ventilator and comprises movable louvres which are set into guide rails. These can be operated pneumatically or electrically.

Features and benefits

  • Weather-resistant ventilation - labyrinthine louvres and rain channels provide aerodynamically efficient ventilation in bad weather
  • Low unit height = a smaller area on which the wind can apply pressure
  • Very good performance classes according to EN 12101-2
  • Sound attenuation by the use of baffles
  • High volumes of heat can be removed from the building
  • Available up to a width of 500 mm x 3800 mm
  • Available up to a length of 500 mm x ∞ mm
  • Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 (quality management standard)
  • Natural daylight for buildings
  • Robust design
  • Low installation costs
  • A wide range of colours
Labyrinth Industrial Ventilator - NBS Specification

Available versions


  • Unit width: 500 mm to 3800 mm (in mm increments)
  • Unit length: 500 mm to ∞ (in mm increments)

Base & louvres

The base consists of an aluminium housing into which the louvres are installed. These louvres form labyrinthine channels through which the sound is reflected, thus significantly reducing the noise level. In addition, the louvres have profiles that collect rainwater, which is then drained off to the roof through two channels. In addition to minimising noise, this ventilator also ensures high volume ventilation, even when it rains.


Many different flange dimensions enable easy installation onto roofs.

Lightweight components reduce installation costs.

Drives – shutter

The Labyrinth shutter is opened either electrically or pneumatically. It is also possible to have the louvres fixed open.

The following drives are available:

  • 24 V DC electric actuators
  • 230 V AC electric actuators
  • Double action pneumatic cylinders
  • No controls, louvres open

Thermal release (for pneumatic cylinders)

A thermal ventilation valve with a connected gas bottle and a thermo bulb ensures automatic release in the case of fire.

Different release temperatures (for example 68°C or 141°C) are possible.

In accordance with EN 12101-2:

  • Wind load class: WL 1500 – WL 11400
  • Snow load class: Variable up to SL 1000
  • Operating temperature: T(00) / T(-15) / T(-25)
  • Resistance to heat: B300 – E or B300 – A1
  • Reliability:
    • Smoke ventilation: 1000 cycles
    • Day-to-day ventilation: +10000 cycles

Additional performance classes

  • Sound insulation: Up to 18.5 dB (if used with sound dampers)